I highly recommend Katrina to anyone wanting a thorough horse massage. Katrina is very friendly and professional in her role. The detail she has given to each of my horses has been amazing. She always asks lots of questions about them and I feel like she is treating each horse completely different depending on the answers I give her. My horses feel much better and happier the next day and also out competing. I would definitely tell all my friends about Katrina.

Kind RegardsEmma Simpson

Katrina has treated my horse a couple of times because he was coming back into work and I wanted him to feel good as his muscles were developing. She gave him a wonderful treatment and explained about why she was stretching his legs and neck and showed me how to do it too. I liked her immediately because she was so friendly and kind. She was really helpful about some possible feeds that might suit my horse too!

Katrina can do a treatment because I had won a voucher of hers. She was in time and very professional. My pony really liked her and made some funny faces when she worked on an area he liked. Would love to use her every week.

Katrina has been treating my race horse for months now every week. She is always punctual and gives him a great work over. He always feels a million dollars after a treatment. He had a lot of sore issues in his back and neck and shoulder area and they have all gone with regular treatment and he is racing good again!!

Katrina has been so kind and helpful when she treats my mare. She is a sensitive and anxious mate but after each treatment she is a different horse! She used to hate being touched but now is more willing to be touched and let her feet be picked up. She is much nicer for the farrier too! Katrina has a calm and gentle way with her which she seems to really respond to. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services.

Katrina came to me at the last minute to help with my horse, who I was told couldn’t be ridden due to a bad back and lots of ulcers. Katrina treated my horse and trotted him out and within an hour he was a different horse. She then came back and gave me a lesson on him and I’m happy to say I am riding him every day now and feel much more confident. He is great fun to ride and I’m glad I got her to come to and give me a second opinion and also work with me to help my horse! Would recommend her to anyone!

I have used Katrina Houston to treat two of my horses this year on a regular basis. She always turns up on time and is always friendly and helpful. My horses enjoy her calm and kind demeanour and she treats them as if they were her own! On occasion I have not been able to be there but I know that my horses are in good hands and trust her professional manner and abilities. She knows my horses well now and treats them accordingly. She answers any questions I might have and is helpful explaining stretches on the ground that I can do to help my horses and also some ridden exercises too. I would not hesitate to recommend Katrina to anyone in the equine industry

Yours faithfullyMegan Taylor

Whom it may concern
Katrina contacted me in regard to gaining practical experience for her course. I am a professional Horse Trainer in Amberley. I currently have 10 horses in work. I initially gave Katrina two horses to work on for her case studies.

Katrina is punctual, friendly, easy to talk to, communicates well in regard to the horses treatment and any issues she feels they are experiencing. Katrina has a good demeanour around horses and a good understanding of their nature.

I have no hesitation in recommending her services as Equine Therapist and have continued to do so myself, which includes entrusting her with my two open class horses who combined have won 21 races and in excess of $4000,000
I am happy to provide any further information if required.

Yours faithfully
Kevin Chapman